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Economical Septic System Maintenance

Economical and superior septic system maintenance is more available than ever with the online introduction of new improved SepticSav 2000. SepticSav 2000 is guaranteed to protect your septic system from all pump outs and repairs. Simply flush the product down the commode once a month (just four ounces), and we guarantee that you will never have to have your septic system pumped, cleaned, or serviced again!

  • Fortified with natural enzymes and concentrated bacteria
  • Breaks down all waste, fats, grease, paper and soaps to liquid
  • Breaks down all sludge that builds up in your drain lines and drain field
  • Promotes excellent drainage
  • There will be nothing in your septic tank but water

What all this means to you, is that by using SepticSav 2000, you will never have a wet spot in your yard, or embarrassing smelly odors, but more important, you simply will NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR SYSTEM BACKING UP ON YOU! So we do GUARANTEE YOU, A COMPLETE TROUBLE FREE SYSTEM. You will never have to do a thing to it!

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